In conversation with Andrea Wazen

What do your first 30 minutes of the day look like?
I wake up every morning to a glass of water and my coffee and I check all my emails firstly. I catch up with the latest news and skim through my Instagram for the latest updates. I then get a cold shower and make my way to the office.

Why do you think Andrea Wazen, the brand, has become such a huge success so quickly?
Thank you! I believe that every business or mostly everything you work hard on in life with determination and consistency succeeds. It's definitely due to many late hours of work, research, networking and honestly mistakes. It is so important to take risks, to try and fail - to understand what went wrong and to reassess and try again. In the fashion industry, success is a balance of so many elements. Once you have perfected your product you would be able to believe in it, market it and sell it.

What was the inspiration?
The inspiration behind Andrea Wazen is the contemporary woman that juggles her social, work and family life. She is strong yet soft and edgy yet romantic - she is authentic. Authenticity is at the core of Andrea Wazen. I try to balance out the business with soul considering as a brand we produce locally in order to support many local artisans and factories.

What are three things you love most about Level Shoes?
Level Shoes was always one of my favorite shoe stores. I remember every time I would visit my sister in Dubai, even if it was for 24 hours, I would always visit Level Shoes. I would look at the display of new brands and imagine one day my brand being exposed amongst them.

I try to balance out the business with soul considering as a brand we produce locally in order to support many local artisans and factories.

How are you trying to emerge from the current climate in Lebanon?
Beirut has been going through so much many years of unrest and we have always been able to manage our way around it. 2020 has been such a tough year for the world and in Lebanon it has unfortunately been the most challenging; ranging from the political unrest to the pandemic and then the horrific explosion. Due to the explosion we lost our offices, our boutique and I even lost my home! Emerging is not as easy as we thought, there are so many issues to deal with especially considering I as a person am very attached to my city and my country - so is my brand. It is important to stay positive and determined and at this point I believe the success of every Lebanese would bring joy and pride to the Lebanese in Lebanon, which is something we need more of. It has become my inspiration.

What do you think about Middle East fashion?
I think there is so much depth in Middle East fashion considering we do not have the same exposure that the west does. Designers really need to prove themselves and work hard in order to achieve their goals. The fashion industry in the Middle East is young, vibrant and full of emotions. I really hope we will eventually get the well-deserved exposure we deserve.

What are your secrets to success?
Hard work and passion!


The collection’s theme is inspired by the social and environmental issues our world is facing.


The under-the-knee removable leather piece gives the illusion as though you wear pulling off flared leather pants.