Axel Arigato Opens First Dubai Store In Level Shoes

Swedish footwear brand Axel Arigato is setting up its first permanent store in Dubai, opening its doors on April 5 in Level Shoes. The new space will offer accessories and footwear dedicated to both men and women, and a limited-edition capsule collection exclusive to, and inspired by, the region. The brand hopes the move will strengthen its relationship with its Middle East fans. Here, Axel Arigato founders Max Svardh and Albin Johansson reveal everything you need to know…

Why did you decide to open your first shop in the region with Level Shoes?
Max: Level Shoes is well respected throughout the UAE and we trust the group to carry our brand forward in an authentic way within the territory. Also, Level Shoes is very much aligned to the Axel Arigato brand, in that it is always looking to create unique and unexpected experiences. Innovation is a shared characteristic of both of our brands, which drives the conversation forward to find new and exciting ways to connect to the customer.

Tell us about the collections we can expect at Level Shoes
Albin: We've forged a great relationship with the Level Shoes team and listened to their feedback on the appropriate assortment as well as what customers on the ground desire from Axel Arigato.

How does Axel Arigato differ from other footwear and streetwear brands on the market?
Max: We recognised a gap in the market for superior quality footwear at an accessible price. We also had the desire to create something contemporary that could expand into a platform for new ideas and concepts. In order to differentiate ourselves from other brands, we decided to begin with only selling through our website and work with word-of-mouth, as well as marketing through social media to increase brand awareness. We also started the concept Drop of the Week, which allows us to forego traditional seasons and launch at least one new product every week.

We recognised a gap in the market for superior quality footwear at an accessible price

What’s the meaning behind the name?
Albin: We wanted to create a literary figure to shift the focus from ourselves. The individuality of the name meant that no one could associate it with anything else, and it would be free to create its own value and image.

How do you manufacture a shoe that fits a style and function that’s unisex?
Max: We design with 'people' in mind – not strictly what works for men or for women because more often than not, there are very few differences. The majority of our silhouettes are unisex with just tweaks made to colourways and materials.

What can we expect to see from Axel Arigato going forward?
Albin: We want to continue with what we're already offering, but on a larger scale and through a bigger platform. Given the current climate we live in we focus a lot on digital, for both sales and awareness, but we still really believe in physical retail and want to roll out more stores and start running our events.

Exclusive Collaboration

Axel Arigato plans to create unique experiences with Level Shoes

Behind The Brand

Axel Arigato founders Max Svärdh & Albin Johansson on how it all began