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Ramadan ‘24 by Level Shoes

Come together.

This Ramadan, we pay tribute to our thriving regional community and celebrate the power of coming together. The campaign spotlights a cast of GCC-based tastemakers with the people who matter the most to them. Below, they remind us of the strength in unity, the traditions of Ramadan, and the sense of belonging we collectively feel to our cities. Discover the campaign and shop the Ramadan capsule collections of the world’s leading designers.


“Ramadan is a communal time in Kuwait. After the Isha prayer, friends and family gather in Diwans, the local term for Majlis. There's a sentiment of unity, coming together, and belonging.” – Hassan Ali, DJ

“Great food, great vibes, and great energy throughout the month.” – Maitha, Content Creator & Model

“Ramadan brings a tapestry of unity and reflection. We embrace this period for deep reflection and to reconnect with family, cherishing the moments we spend together.” – Abdulla Al Kaabi, Film Director

"My home can be described as joyful, colourful, artsy, and full of life. My simple pleasures are all about my family and watching my kids grow." - Nada Baeshen, Entrepreneur & TV Host

“For a Beiruti family like ours, steeped in tradition, the essence lies in the communal spirit that envelops you the moment the month begins. Growing up in Abu Dhabi, this communal feeling was palpable; it's something that, as I would put it, slows you down and roots you in the present.” – Mohamad Ali Akkaoui, Co-founder of Akhu Mano'ushe

“Ramadan is observed in Dubai with a beautiful sense of togetherness. This collective experience is deeply meaningful as it provides a sense of unity and support that can be hard to find in our individualistic, fast-paced world.” – Dina Adlouni, Brand & Creative Consultant

“Ramadan is a month of giving and blessing. We express this gesture by inviting friends and family to break fasts together in Dubai but also showing gratitude for our privilege through charity for everyone within our community.” – LA, creative director

“Ramadan holds special meaning for my mom and me. Fasting brings us inner peace, making Ramadan a time for patience, spiritual growth, and family. It's not just a month, it's a journey of love, faith, gratitude, and discovery.” – Lamia Dahmash, Stylist

“Ramadan is a time of communal iftars, vibrant decorations, and the comforting embrace of prayers. We prioritise self-discipline, reflection, and volunteering, weaving the spirit of generosity into these precious moments.” – Nora AlAmeeri, Entrepreneur